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Stack & Whack Workshop

2 day workshop

Stack & Whack BlockStack & Whack BlockStack & Whack Block








Just as kaleidoscopes kept us spellbound as children, a kaleidoscope quilt will keep you in awe with the creation of each unique block. At one time, kaleidoscope quilts required a lot of tedious planning and cutting with a special template. Then along came Bethany Reynolds with a Stack & Whack technique that simplified the making of these magical quilts.

Pauline teaches this revolutionary method of measuring and marking pattern repeats on the fabric, then cutting all the pieces for the kaleidoscope at once, is more precise, and much less time consuming and wasteful.
Depending on your feature fabric choice you will be given the option of creating pinwheel, star or hexagon blocks, which can be made up into your required sized quilt.

Most medium to large scale prints will produce interesting designs using the Stack & Whack technique making them good options for the feature fabric. Strong contrasting and bright colours are great for creating bold designs.

A most enjoyable class, you'll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

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