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Pauline's Pearls

MARK DESIGNS WITH EASE. Pauline shows you a brilliant way to mark designs onto fabric. It’s quick and easy, and you can even mirror images... with no extra effort on your part. And you don’t need an expensive bulky light box.  You’ll also learn about a great marking tool that does it all - no matter what the task (piecing, appliqué, quilting) or colour of fabric you use.

MACHINE QUILTING MADE EASY.  Imagine quilting a queen size quilt around all the blocks, triangles and squares without turning your quilt. See how Pauline does it and what tool she uses. No pins needed saves time and energy.

NEEDLE TURN APPLIQUE with no templates, pinning, or tacking.   It’s so easy everyone should give it a go.

BIAS MAKERS provide a world of choice and flexibility when making your own. Pauline shows you how you can use these wonderful gadgets for stained glass, Celtic, or even flower stems and more.     

SCRUNCHED FABRIC is easy and fabulous for use in making bags, garments, 3D flowers, and even hills and trees. Get creative with this fun technique.

QUILT AS YOU GO. You can do it all yourself and feel that sense of accomplishment. Pauline has five different techniques for QAYG and there’s no hand sewing! 

BLANKET STITCH APPLIQUE without using Vlisoefix . This will save you heaps of money and time.  

CHENILLE adds the perfect touch of interest and softness to quilts, garments and more. It’s amazing what you can create with this technique.

ALL ABOUT RULERS.  A must see if you’re having trouble getting accurate points and want to improve them tenfold.  

BIND YOUR QUILT the fast and simple way. You’ll learn how to eliminate the bulk where you start and finish and an easy way to stitch by machine. You’ll no longer need to hand stitch your binding.

MAKING BAG HANDLES can be simple. Learn how to make tubes for weaving fabric and wonderful effects.